15 Things Your Dog Wishes You’d Stop Doing

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Communicating with words instead of body language

As humans, our primary means of communication is through our voice. Dogs have noises they use to communicate as well, but it’s not nearly as complex as having a human-to-human conversation. You probably talk to your pet throughout the day. Even if they seem to be listening they don’t know what you’re saying to them most of the time. Dogs can learn some words – you see this when your dog learns commands like “sit” or “stay.” Some dog breeds, like Border Collies, can learn hundreds of words. Still, this understanding doesn’t compare to the thousands of words that humans use to communicate.

Instead, dogs understand body language best. They’ve evolved to be experienced in reading the human body, sometimes understanding what you think and how you feel before you know it yourself. You may have heard stories of a dog being cuddlier with someone expecting a baby before the parent knew they were even pregnant. Even though they cannot talk, dogs use their other senses to interact with the world.

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