15 Things Your Dog Wishes You’d Stop Doing

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Dressing your dog up unnecessarily

Dogs don’t need to wear clothing every day as we do. Clothing can make them feel restricted, uncomfortable, and unbalanced. They don’t like being forced to wear clothes, no matter how cute you think they look.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. If it’s extremely cold outside, they might need a sweater or boots so their paws don’t freeze. Similarly, dogs might need a certain part of their body to be covered for a medical reason, such as an open wound or surgery. In both of these scenarios, be sure to talk to your vet for the best recommendations of what your dog might need.

Dressing up your dog just because you think it makes them look cute or funny is not a good enough reason to do it. While some dogs learn to tolerate being dressed up, it often starts in a place of discomfort. Your dog’s comfort should always be your first priority. Remember, they’re not humans and do not need to wear clothes in most situations.

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